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When Are Disclosures Required? This assessment should be made each annual and interim reporting period. This is the critical moment and here is where Step 11 above, that asks about the schedule of review sessions, converts the plan into action. No single one of these warning signs spells imminent disaster for the business, but in combination they can indicate the business might be forced to liquidate and close. Since we are developing a business plan for our internal use it does not need to look like or contain everything that bankers, MBAs, venture capital funders expect. Two or three is fine as long as every key stakeholder in the business is present. I can lead my team through this planning process. Business plans, strategic plans, these are just the exercises one does in business schools. The FASB issued ASU providing guidance on determining when and how to disclose going concern uncertainties in the financial statements. In essence, that means that there is no threat of liquidation for the foreseeable future which is usually perceived as a period of time lasting for 12 months. Conversely, the auditing standard does not define substantial doubt. Message received.

The most powerful outcome of the planning process is that it arms the management team to convert the strategies into actions to reach the goals. If the going concern assumption were based only on intentions, nearly every business would be a going concern.

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First, the consultant stands outside of the actual business discussions, runs the sessions, and keeps the team moving forward. Four to six two to three hour working sessions with all members of the management team present usually suffices.

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The ASU is designed to alleviate that diversity. It is available here.

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The ASU uses a probable threshold to define substantial doubt. What is the Look Forward Period? The document also points auditors to the appropriate framework U. In my experience, if the management team represents all of the key elements, all of the facts and concepts about the business are sitting in the room. Fourth, the consultant will bring appropriate analytical tools to the table. The Business Plan Model Lets talk about the business plan model first. Disclaimer This post is published to spread the love of GAAP and provided for informational purposes only. The bag of strategy tools is enormous. The auditor is required to disclose any negative trends in the company's business operations. What is the schedule for follow up business review sessions where you will examine progress on the plan and take required actions to revise and push the plan forward. Under the going concern assumption, a business is expected to stay in business indefinitely, or at least for the foreseeable future. Or it may be the folk wisdom that business plans are not a useful part of managing and they always end up on the shelf or hidden in a file cabinet only dusted off for display when in search of a bank loan.

The ASU uses a probable threshold to define substantial doubt. I am a seasoned veteran. The consultant can drive the conversations to confronting the facts of the business situation. What is the going concern assumption?

For most strategic plans and business plans the end is the document itself.

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And so, we must dig deeper to define this accounting principle.

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Going Concern: What Is the Going Concern Assumption?