Our world today is characterized by

Contrary to many other social aspects where forecasts are of limited use, I think education is an aspect where we can make some useful projections into the future.

Future world problems

The impact on government As the physical, digital, and biological worlds continue to converge, new technologies and platforms will increasingly enable citizens to engage with governments, voice their opinions, coordinate their efforts, and even circumvent the supervision of public authorities. It describes an essential aspect of our being that demands some sort of relationship and understanding of the eternal and transcendent. Debates about fundamental issues such as the impact on our inner lives of the loss of control over our data will only intensify in the years ahead. You find all these alternative overlapping sources in this comparison chart. Thank you very much! How do we topple the second domino? The fast population growth happened when fertility was still as high as it was in the unhealthy environment of the past, but mortality has already declined to the low levels of our time. Also, where true religion is characterized by tolerance, compassion and peace, all too often Religious Fundamentalism is characterized by intolerance, enmity and conflict. It is an assertion that matters for how we understand and interpret development. There is a special reason why we have chosen the particular problems that we have included in our quite comprehensive, though not exhaustive, survey of the World Problems. In , the vast majority of people lived in extreme poverty and only a tiny elite enjoyed higher standards of living. Again I want to give a time perspective to get an idea of how political freedom has changed over the last years. And World Religion will not be unified by someone starting a new Religion with the hope that all Jews, Christians, Muslims and Buddhists etc. The fourth and final category concerns the problems of the age relating to the realm of ideas.

The deaths that have resulted from crop failures in The Third World, brought about as an indirect consequence of climate change, may number into the millions.

And importantly we are not trying to undermine the Scientific method but merely negating a set of unnecessary and unhelpful assumptions that has accumulated around Science over the years and which has become closely associated with the Scientific World View.

real world issues

There is a special reason why we have chosen the particular problems that we have included in our quite comprehensive, though not exhaustive, survey of the World Problems.

If the process of life is completely reduced to a competition for survival and dominance between Selfish Genes then naturally the ultimate expression of this idea is in the formation of a Global All Ruling World Tyranny, that exists to serve and sustain the dominance, survival and power of an Elite Set of Selfish Genes, contained either within a single Bloodline i.

How to restore Religion for the Faithful and rescue it from Religious Fundamentalism In the World today the faith of the conventionally faithful is being severely tested. As the world is becoming one place, so it is that the effects of terrorism have global effects.

The irony here is that to a large degree, the teachings of Muhammad were progressive and forward looking as it is generally the case for all the great spiritual teachers. In Support of Equality, Meritocracy and Justice for All The idea that Everyone is God, which is the foundation of our Unified World View, apart from being the ultimate self affirmation, is also the ultimate statement about the sanctity and importance of human life.

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