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There are many ways you can critically evaluate: Methodological Evaluation of Research Is the theory you are discussing supported by valid research evidence.

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Student personal license This licence is for the personal use of a student only. You should also explain what implications your criticism has for the theory you are evaluating.

Eysenck to answer a question on cognitive explanations of offending behaviour. Refer to the experiences of Rob in your answer.

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The voices are making it difficult for Rob to complete his homework properly and he is worried about how this may affect his chances of going to university. Students tend to write too much on AO1 material and not enough on AO3 material.

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The resource may not be distributed to other institutions that are members of the same academy chain or similar organisation; each individual institution must have a separate school network licence. Total 16 marks 6 marks for knowledge of these 2 definitions of abnormality AO1.

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Furthermore, students performed better in Research Methods than some of the favourite year one topics, e.

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