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I really try to shut off the thinking part of my brain. Take walnuts. And that same thing happens when you write. I always ask my students who are poets to write fiction and fiction writers to write poetry.

Early on I did, but not anymore.

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How am I supposed to know that blinking light means something? But one could misunderstand the nature of this success, says Cisneros. You know what I forgot to say? I wanted to hear a little more about how you developed that craft of actually telling your stories as opposed to putting them on paper and writing them. I think we need to think long range about poor people and their relationship to libraries. You won it for labor organizing? Even though the Grandmother dies in the hospital and not the kitchen bedroom. She gives me energy.

You just speak! The ideal for me is to mix it up. RB: No word for haunt.

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You know there should be a club [laughter]. You just speak! I wore a long black nightgown with beige lace around the collar, which had belonged to my mother, and my red suede high-heeled shoes. So things like that affect how children can get to libraries. A lot of these essays were published in little, hard-to-find journals, or out-of-print ones, not the mainstream places. I was mixing up people from different times in my life. She gives me energy. MM: Did you read much? I really try to shut off the thinking part of my brain. Today was funny because we always have that dream that you go to school in your pajamas [laughter]. We eat them fried with cheese in a corn tortilla. And then I had to arrange them and put them all together and edit.

That takes a long time! Back then I was looking at a lot of experimental writers, and I was very intrigued by short-short fiction, writers who would write little things, what I call buttons now, little vignettes.

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Sandra Cisneros: Border Crossings and Beyond