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Considering this factors I believe the feasibility and acceptability of directional policy matrix for Singapore airline is high. Traditional values of the Chinese have strong influence on the working culture, this converted to a culture high in power distance, and the lower level employee accepts the subordinate level and seldom question management decision. Definitely yes. These demonstrate that the company are financially strong. The recent growing China economy and its open door policy have landed Singapore with substantial foreign labour arrive from mainland China, this have created some cultural conflict among many Singaporean. The matrix indicates the type of relationship which the organization will need to establish with each stakeholder group. There is another category resource called unique resources that are only obtained by an organization or very few organizations and other competitors usually find them difficult to obtain. Adverse currency movements. The residents could easily connect to the rest of the world. There are many airline operate in this region. It does took over a certain percentage of Singapore Airline. Even though there are few airline able to compete against SIA, these entire airlines are very similar in size and market shares, study on international passanger-kilometer flown for these airline range from ,million to 83,million [IATA, ]. Against conventional wisdom, the company have utilized its strong financial resources during financial crisis to make capital investment, spending million to renovate cabins of its aircraft. For example, when the Chinese workers started a strike in SMRT Company, the Singapore society insist that Chinese workers did the wrong thing, and in the other hand the China media also reported the same news, and in China, people insist that Singapore company treat Chinese unequally. The Asia financial crises at the end of s prompt the airline to review its operation cost again, cutting down on not profitable route.

Hill Company. A local brand called NEWater supplies sewage water after purifying it using dual-membrane. To maintain the current positioning company should concern their internal, external surroundings.

Fall in the aviation turbine fuel prices 2.

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Hence we may still expect sometimes government policy plays a big role in the development of the industry and may impact industry profitability and competition landscape. Threat of Substitutes Can you image people opting to driving or taking a high speed train to his or her destination instead of taking an airplane? PEST analysis 2. It would be safe to assume that the treat of new entrants are remains low at the moment. Social Social environment also has significant impact to airline industry. Despite being plagued by several factors such as overcapacity, commoditization of offerings and cutthroat rivalry to name a few, it facilitates economic growth, world trade, international investment and tourism. Technological Factors I can assure that one of the main reasons behind the change in lifestyle and quality of life is the technological advancement. On one hand, technology advancement is a major driver in improving airline efficiency, lowering operation costs, enhancing overall customer experience, personalizing customer service. With technology advance, high quality video conferencing are able to be done at low capital investment of USD 18, and low maintenance fee [Calingo, ].

As these foreign regulatory body have limited restriction on SIA and difficult to affect SIA's business process, the power is consider low. And I will present it for each specific point.

Singapore airline also implement their strategic choice according internal and external factors.

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No matter in which industry, technology has clearly became an attractiveness to some of customers. Despite the cutthroat competition and volatile market situation, SIA has consistently recorded positive financial growth in past years.

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It is a democratic country.

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