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Roughly 80 percent of the total population lives in rural areas and is therefore dependent on agriculture Kasemunana, 8. A genocide is the attempted destruction of an entire group of people.

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Agriculture is divided into two basic sectors: subsistence and commercial. This is a country that has a deep root in violence and bloodshed, yet at the same time it is rich in natural resources and minerals. The Mitumba Mountains stretch along the Western Rift Valley, rising to an elevation of 9, feet 2, metres. There was a terrible war for power that displayed senseless violence and the desperation to rule. Angolan, Zimbabwean and Namibian militaries entered the hostilities on the side of the government. Browse Countries. The two articles, 'Belgian Colonialism in the Congo', and the letter by George Washington Williams, are just two views from this time During the book Africa can be seen as a character that is fighting against the invaders.

Genocide describes the heinous act of killing others in order to prove the point. For many countries this would be a time for celebration. The policies presented by the World Bank help stimulate the development of the country and fight against corruption.

Unfortunately for the people of the Congo this became a time to forget.

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MONUC took control of the city. The Mbuti is an egalitarian society, and the band is their highest form of socialization. By the late 19th century there was little land left for the taking except in Africa and it had become obvious that taking over independent lands was neither wise nor practical.

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The Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly known as Zaire is the second most ethnically diverse nation in the world, only behind India. DROC is about one third the size of the United States; consisting ofsquare miles of territory it is also the third largest country within the African continent, smaller only to Sudan and Algeria Bands are based on principles of teamwork and sharing.

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There was a shift in the economy from farming to mass production, and what followed was an economic depression. The story unfolds around the turn of the twentieth century when European powers began to explore and colonize Sub-Saharan Africa. In November, authorities arrested and detained for a few days 17 pro-democracy activists in Kinshasa. Now, yesterday we obtained an update of the current situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo by Jane Adams. The musical duo consisted of Kinoobe and Jaja Bashengezi who each played a variety of different African instruments that told a story of the country they had come from. Blighted by political violence for decades, combatants continue to up the ante on aggression levels at an exponential rate since the inception of the Congo War in It was a great fictional novel that took place in the depths of the Congo rainforest. The effects that peace and war have in the Democratic Republic of Congo are incredibly huge, as a result of effects war has on some regions of the country The war, which began in August , dramatically reduced national output and government revenue, increased external debt, and resulted in the deaths of perhaps 3. Nottage personally traveled to the DRC and interviewed the victimized women and created a play that is based on their stories. Children, some as young as seven, are given a mix of Kalashnikovs, machetes and drugs to make them effective killers for rival armies. One reason it is, in fact, genocide is due to the amount of murders occurring. This type of crisis will often involve the entire world in a variety of capacities such as militaries, foreign aid and the global economy That is why after gaining independence in , the nation then known as Zaire plunged into chaos. This is a country that has a deep root in violence and bloodshed, yet at the same time it is rich in natural resources and minerals.
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