The jewels by guy de maupassant charater analysis madame lantin

the jewels by guy de maupassant irony

Lantin suddenly forgets about his late wife and becomes engulfed by the thought of his new fortune. Drawing Inferences Why is Lantin feeling shameful? Now, it's almost ironic that they see her husband coming in so eager to sell it back. Both stories contains a similar theme but in different ways.

They use things like tragic events or a change in setting to be the reason why a character changes. Latin and his wife, which took place at the house of a superintendent.

Lantin was trying to fit into a crowd that he did not belong too. Lantin seems to be a stress-free man who is enjoying life with the girl of his dreams. Lantin was simply trying to impress them by saying he was something that he was not.

Through the span of career, which lasted nearly ten years, Maupassant wrote three hundred short stories, six novels and contributed in considerable amounts literary work.

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