The life and contributions of elizabeth blackwell

Elizabeth had set up a private practice in London in In the summer between her two terms at Geneva, she returned to Philadelphia, stayed with Dr.

Visit Website Historical Achievement While in her mids, Blackwell had a friend suffering from a terminal disease who had felt embarrassed going to male doctors, lamenting that she would have fared better having a female physician.

elizabeth blackwell timeline

She supported medical education for women and helped many other women's careers. Blackwell returned to New York City, where discrimination against female physicians meant few patients and difficulty practicing in hospitals and clinics.

The parallel project fell through, but ina medical college for women adjunct to the infirmary was established. Two years later, inElizabeth Blackwell became the first woman to receive an M. However, she soon found herself at home in medical school.

As her health declined, Blackwell gave up the practice of medicine in the late s, though she still campaigned for reform. At first Blackwell disregarded the idea of becoming a doctor.

Bynearly 7, patients were being treated per year at the New York Infirmary, and Blackwell was needed back in the United States. She was appointed professor of gynecology at the London School of Medicine for Women

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Changing the Face of Medicine