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Families can talk about grades and testing. Then it leaves a parent questioning, well great, now what? Take the kindle's away.

The report card book online

How does this affect her actions? List the following qualities in order of importance: intelligence, compassion, patience, honesty, creativity, diligence.

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Designing a good educational system, making daily decisions, and keeping discipline in an elementary school is a big challenge. Is it a good goal for kids in general?

In short, she's a genius, but she hides her abilities from almost everyone because she doesn't want to be singled out. Although they may not have chosen the right plan, Nora and Stephen have an important message about testing and a valid desire to share their thoughts. Here he has decided to go for more realism -- Nora's protest doesn't sweep the school, make the national news, or start a revolution. It's frustrating for parents and kids. But the attention this draws from her parents and the school leads to her secret being revealed, and her worst fears being realized: her school wants her in the gifted program, her parents want her in an exclusive academy, and everyone starts treating her differently. Nora feels that the only place she can let everyone see her talents is on the soccer field. Use their input to refine your plan. I have parents say to me, "Well, it's better they're doing that or they would spend all their time playing video games". Is one a better tool than the other? What she starts, instead, is a revolution.

Put your plan into action. Suddenly the attention she's successfully avoided all her life is focused on her, and her secret is out. Kids are heroes, and everyone wins in the end.

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