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The theory, in essence, is that nonviolent campaigns better facilitate popular participation, which simultaneously serves to mobilize more potent campaigns and encourage democratic governance. There have been several ethnic conflicts in Ghana since Ghana attained independence in The objective of the thesis is to determine what States are obliged to do or refrain from doing when dealing with the issue of migrant smuggling across the Mediterranean Sea.

Within each victimization looms the potential for further destruction, but also lies an opportunity for healing and a pathway to peace. Van der Linden, Maria Elisabeth Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave, This thesis is an examination of the effects of the educational reform following the Peace Accords, on education in Guatemala and the extent to which it has constituted peace education.

By identifying important causal conditions of apology reception, this project aims to contribute to our empirical knowledge of state apologies and to further specify the relationship between apology and political reconciliation.

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My dissertation examines the corporate agency of Colombian Pentecostal communities in contexts of direct and sustained violence, emergent from deep structural violence. I argue that while dominant ideologies of such regimes may differ in content, they rely on similar sets of underlying mechanisms designed to impact interactions in the public sphere.

It illustrates how the ideologies of the DPRK and the Burmese junta worked to forestall critiques about authoritarian rule by limiting and manipulating discussion in the political public sphere.

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Recently, scholars have looked at vote brokerage and the provision of resources, but few talk about the power of chiefs as agents of cultural change. In addition to contributing to an understudied topic in Ugandan history, my dissertation will increase understanding of the role of education in national development and post-conflict reconciliation, particularly in countries that continue to struggle with the violent legacies of the past.

Sydnes, Mikkel Master thesis; Mastergradsoppgave, This thesis deals with conflicts in asylum reception centers.

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Peace and Conflict Studies