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This sort of disrespect paints the picture of life as a female in Umuofian society.

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Playing the only role she knows, the senior wife, who is mostly referred to as the mother of the eldest son, tries to comfort Ikemefuna. They both wanted to convert the lost, all those in Umuofia that were not in the church.

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To fully appreciate the characters and their interactions with environment, readers have to comprehend the culture because these aspects are inseparable. Over the course of the novel, colonizers and traders infiltrate his community and alter his culture, unbalancing him in his position of power But as we got older, we began to lose our innocence and become less gullible to childish things.

Because of this, the reader is able to connect with the mindset of an African native Yet, with the introduction of colonialism the characters must learn to embrace and adapt to a new culture and set of beliefs or face termination from society.

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Okonkwo endeavors to measure up to the traditional Igbo standards of masculinity, for which his culture highly regards and esteems. He is unwilling to change because in his mind the newer ways are womanly and cowardice. The central values of the novel revolve around status, virtues, power, and traditions that often determine the futures and present of the characters in the Achebe story.

Many of the events in the novel deal with the act of colonization and how it affects different members in society, an idea that Achebe has experienced for himself.

Things Fall Apart examines the demolition of African culture by the appearance of the white man in terms of the destruction of the connections between individuals and their society.

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