Using newspaper articles in dissertation

The Ripper case was so extravagantly reported that reality may have become blurred with ideology. As with the Indian Film Industry, the media reported the killings in a way they felt the blood-lusting public with no sympathy or respect for the prostitutes would want.

On a well-known topic such as Jack the Ripper, the amount of basic information available is endless. The writer must convey a clear and thorough knowledge of the practical and theoretical materials. If you have any concerns or questions, be sure to discuss them with your supervisor.

The President of the USA possesses connotations of power and world leadership, emphasised through the media as the importance to which every detail of his leadership is diligently reported Lacey Writing style If you want to earn a high mark for your thesis or dissertation, you must pay proper attention to your writing style.

This may require a careful reading of the reference. Your dissertation should critically evaluate those ideas and identify what problems remain in your area of research and what has not yet been explored.

Connective words and phrases — however, consequently, but, so — can be placed at the start of the new sentence if necessary, to indicate its relationship to the previous one and make your work flow.

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A Lit Review provides your reader with a survey of the professional publications available on your topic. Since newspapers are generally intended for a general not specialized audience, the information they provide will be of no use for your Lit Review.

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How to write your dissertation