Why the titanic sank essay writer

why the titanic sank essay writer

The Titanic departed for its maiden voyage on April 10 for New York, from Southampton with passengers and crew. Crew members and passengers alike did not react appropriately to the disaster and were very calm about the whole thing because they thought the Titanic was unsinkable and failed to act.

The strong force of the rotation of the propellers powered the ship through rough ice waters.

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Louise Patten, the granddaughter of Charles Lightoller, the highest senior officer that survived the wreck, claimed that Titanic hit the iceberg because the man at the wheel made a mistake.

Iron rivets and unskilled workers caused the massive ship to not live up to its unsinkable label.

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In the time period of 's's many things happened. Scarce safety procedure caused chaos and confusion. It is a large possibility that, if the sixteen water compartments were tested, the ship might have survived the crash against the iceberg even with the rest of the flaws on the ship. Cabins in the second class had bunk beds, similar to third class. Since it was thought that Titanic could stay afloat with even the hardest of impacts it was hard to imagine that the Titanic went down Just because of an iceberg that scratched her bow. For many people, it was hard to believe that the largest ship ever built had sunk on its maiden voyage. The small table was frequently used for the snack brought by the bedroom steward. Rising 32 meters above the ocean and up to 28 meters wide, this steam boat was a monster but it had major flaws that ended up costing many lives that easily could have been saved.

Titanic had four elevators, a heated swimming pool, a gym, two libraries, and two barber shops, which was very impressive for a ship of that era It was therefore no surprise that Smith took Titanic in her maiden voyage in April There were twenty-four double ended boilers and five single ended boilers that were housed in six boiler rooms.

Most of the debris is concentrated near the stern section of Titanic.

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A majority of the third class passengers did not know how to get to the deck and were not even given the chance to survive. Her gradual decay is due to a number of different physical, chemical and biological processes that are taking place at such depth.

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