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Nevertheless, an average Austrian may be more hopeful than an average Sri Lankan, as the Austrian would have more opportunities and choices for education, employment and even entertainment. This index is based on social capital rather than financial or intellectual capital and hence it represents a limited perspective.

Flipboard India ranks in UN's human development index New Delhi, Sep 14 India climbed one spot to among countries in the latest human development index released Friday by the United Nations Development Programme.

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After all, hope is about expectations for the future. However, the Human Development Index captured the imagination of people.

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This also goes to show that that hope is a complex and comprehensive concept. Development indices became known as the Human Development Index in the s. Finland, for the second consecutive year, has topped this list. InIndia's HDI value of 0.

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Including two highly correlated indicators may provide little additional information compared to just using one. Also, literacy, age, and many other factors may affect the opinion of the respondents. There have been numerous attempts to do its job better, including one that we published on Nov.

Hope is accompanied by a minimum certitude and assurance with respect to the possible possession of the thing hoped for. About

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India ranks on Human Development Index, Norway No.1